Chris Duell October 10th, 2016

Update: October updates

New Features

  • View who has access to a category / article by hovering the 'restricted' tag

  • Auto-linking between articles synced from a third party is now supported


  • Added support for syncing Norsk content from third party Knowledge Bases

  • Allow dragging an article to another category

  • Added company address to invoices downloaded from the billing page.

  • Improved internal bug reporting for better insights when things go wrong


  • Fixed up an issue with "to" address not correctly pre-filling

  • Made sure shadow doesn't appear when embeddable is closed when shown on the left

  • Fixed an issue if the article index is explicitly called via javascript

  • Fixed an issue where an article is directly requested, but has not content available in the default language

  • Fixed an issue with isolated cases of Help Scout ticket history loading

Chris Duell September 14th, 2016

New Feature: Infrastructure move to Amazon

This one's been on the back burner for a long time, but yesterday we finally pulled the trigger to move our entire infrastructure to Amazon AWS.

This move brings with it higher stability with fail overs, no down-time rolling deployments, load balancing, and redundancy.

While we made the move, access to the dashboard was halted so we could migrate everything across, but there was no downtime at all for the embeddable on any sites, we made sure that would stay operational throughout as priority number one.

Chris Duell September 7th, 2016

Update: September Updates

New Features

  • Automatically link between content within the embeddable if one article links to another (for synced content)


  • Added keywords icon for articles, so you can now see from the articles management screen what keywords any article has

  • Improved queued tasks to keep things nice and snappy even in times of higher load

  • Show restrictions for articles / categories from the articles list screen for faster overview

  • Made re-ordering of articles more obvious by changing the cursor on hover


  • Fixed an issue with Olark autolinks not triggering

  • Fixed premature link clicks on mobile, links were triggered even when trying to scroll

  • Fixed an issue with Intercom appearing on the wrong side of the screen for some companies

Chris Duell August 16th, 2016

New Feature: Help Scout Integration

We're excited to release a new integration with Help Scout.

You can now sync your Help Scout knowledge base with elevio, as well as serve your support tickets direct to your users through the elevio embeddable. Now you're users have somewhere to manage their tickets too!

You can learn more about the integration here

Chris Duell August 16th, 2016

New Feature: The multi multi release

Todays release has been a long time coming, and includes two major updates:

Multi-account management

Now, instead of needing to log out of one account and back in to another, you can use a single login for all your accounts. Too easy.

Nested categories

More often than not, it makes sense to be able to have more hierarchy when managing your content.
This update allows us to better reflect the structure that suits your knowledge base, and display that same structure to your users through the elevio embeddable

New Features

  • Multi-account management

  • Multi-level categories

Chris Duell August 10th, 2016

Update: August Updates

New Features

  • Disable and Enable modules whenever you like. More information here

  • New setting to choose whether the elevio embeddable is shown to non-logged in users


  • New content pulled from third party knowledge bases, now uses the access control already set (where available)

  • Override settings to a module at runtime


  • Fixed an issue with the elevio button menu in IE11

  • Fixed an issue when Zendesk tickets had system based messages in a tickets comments thread

Chris Duell July 25th, 2016

Update: July Updates

New Features

  • New option to CC the submitter for contact forms.

  • Added support for the new Intercom v3 messenger


  • Added ability to set init settings for Smooch

  • If the user has no tickets, take them straight to the support form

  • Added option to open RSS article within the widget rather than sending the user offsite


  • Fix to show triggers in the visualizer list for pages with a query string.

  • Fix to Smooch styling

  • Fixed an issue where some elements would be given the trigger styling, but not trigger the trigger. #trigger.

Chris Duell June 27th, 2016

Bugfix: June bug fixes

A few bugs have popped their heads up over the last couple of weeks, here's a few pesky buggers that have been squished:


  • Fixed name issue when elevio was being loaded via


  • Fixed issue with button menu expanding to full width

  • Fixed issue with menu not appearing in mobile view when only one module was available

  • Fixed IE10- issue with loading

  • Fixed issue with sending certain data to Smooch chat

  • Fixed an issue with related articles doubling up on URL change

  • Fixed issue with all articles showing when they should be collapsed for related articles

  • Fixed issue with updating Wordpress sync domain

Chris Duell June 10th, 2016

Update: RSS module rewrite

Since the RSS module was released, it was always a little sluggish and over time we saw a few feeds having issues with displaying anything.

So, we did what any self respecting engineers would do, we threw it out and rewrote it.

Today we released a rebuild of the RSS module that's now a lot more reliable, and it's blazing fast.

Chris Duell June 8th, 2016

Update: June Updates

Most of this release was based around squishing a few bugs that kept popping their ugly heads up.

Thanks to everyone who reported the issues and helped with providing the full details on how to reproduce the issue, you da real MVP.


  • New button added to top of articles screen for easier updating

  • When contextual triggers are created that "contain" text, the matching is now an exact match

  • Allow spaces in keywords for articles


  • Extended timeouts for submitting tickets when attachments are added

  • Fixed an issue when the URL changed, and cause issues with contextual triggers

  • Fixed an issue where on some dynamic sites the contextual triggers would get recursively added and slow the browser down. Sorry.

  • Fixed issue with keyword auto-complete showing gobble-de-gook