Chris Duell April 18th, 2017

Update: Visualizer updates


  • Added support for using visualizer on pages that use the hash symbol in the URL


  • Fixed an issue when the host site had bootstrap modals, it would prevent adding a name for the tip

  • Fixed issue where custom checkbox styles were bleeding into the visualizer

Chris Duell April 6th, 2017

Update: Support, RSS, and StatusPage modules

As part of a migration over to a new module framework, we're making our way through the modules and replacing them one by one with much faster and more reliable versions.

The first to make use of the new module framework are:

* Support module
* RSS module
* StatusPage module

There's nothing that you need to do at your end, as we'll make the transition behind the scenes seamlessly for you.

If you do notice any issues, please let us know and we'll sort them out quick smart!


  • Support module rebuild

  • RSS module rebuild

  • StatusPage module rebuild

Chris Duell March 8th, 2017

Update: March Updates

New Features

  • Added new custom trigger option

  • Added an option to strip HTML / JS from support ticket threads


  • Added support for allowing restricted content to appear in suggestions if keywords match

  • Improved speed of reporting

  • Added support for when connecting to HelpScout, choosing to only connect to the ticket API (not forced to connect to the docs API)


  • Fixed an issue with some languages having certain terms be not searchable

  • Fixed a short lived issue with certain characters not being allowed in the search bar

  • Fixed an issue with the search results not disappearing after clearing search in IE

  • Fixed an issue with large images being cropped when viewed in full

  • Fixed an issue where after adding a new team member, the dashboard would crash

Chris Duell February 21st, 2017

New Feature: Reporting is here!

It's finally here... at least, in beta.

We've just deployed the base for our new reporting system, it's something that we'll be improving and extending over time. We've got some interesting ideas on where we want to take this but we'd love to hear your thoughts on this release and let us know what you'd like to see in future.

Check out a sneak peek below of the reporting you can find on your new dashboard

(The new reporting is available immediately to all customers who are using Version 4 of elevio, so if you haven't made the switch to V4 yet... now's a good time)

New Features

  • Article views report

  • Widget opens report

  • Contextual opens report

  • Searches with results report

  • Searches with no results report

Chris Duell January 5th, 2017

New Feature: GrooveHQ KB Sync

Previously, the Groove integration was restricted to connecting to their ticketing system.

This update allows you to sync your content from GrooveHQ, so you can deliver your existing Groove hosted content via elevio, and all that comes with it.

To take advantage of this, head to the integrations page and click on the Groove logo, add in your subdomain and support inbox address and hit save. Too easy!

Chris Duell December 21st, 2016

Update: December Updates

While the team are powering away at a few major items that are just around the corner, there was still plenty to do to keep things moving with the rollout of V4.

So, this update caters mostly to updates and bugfixes, it's pretty dull and boring to be honest. But for a good number of you, these updates will make life just that little bit easier. As always, keep sending through any issues you find so we can patch them moving forward.

We'll reveal all the big stuff soon... real soon.


  • Allow using group restrictions for articles for logged out users

  • Re-added debug information to support tickets & replies (if enabled in the support module)

  • Added option to ignore hash change event for page change (window._elev.disablePushState = true;)

  • Improved placement of tooltips

  • Further improvements to article styling

  • Improved auto-linking between articles for Zendesk & Help Scout synced content

  • Added Chatra as a trigger module option


  • Fixed timeout issue on top level analytics numbers

  • Fixed issue with empty articles appearing in the article list

  • Fixed an issue with a conflict with angular.js

  • Fixed an issue with contextual tips within forms hijacking the "enter to submit" event

  • Fixed bubbling up of click event when a tooltip is added to a button / link

  • Fixed issue with support / rss / custom form / status page modules in IE11

Chris Duell November 22nd, 2016

Update: November Updates

After the initial public release two weeks ago, we've made a number of tweaks based on feedback and collated data. There's plenty more to come, and we'll be continuing to make incremental changes based on the usage patterns we're seeing over time to make sure we're delivering your help in the most efficient manner to your users, always.

New Features

  • Added related articles quick preview when managing keywords for an article

  • Tagove chat now supported in the Trigger module

  • chat now supported in the Trigger module


  • Improved suggestions area to provide logical fallbacks based on the current UDL if no historical data available

  • Increased timeout for retrieving base analytics, so it's more stable

  • Added back in the auto expanding of categories, and showing 5 articles per category initially

  • Upgraded server specs for faster response times

  • _elev.openModule() supports all modules


  • Fix to subcategory titles

  • Fixed issue with contextuals with "nothing" style.

  • Fix to limit on number of suggested articles to show on a given page

  • Fixed add to clipboard button for Safari

  • Fixed issue with article loading for multi-lingual content

Chris Duell November 9th, 2016

New Feature: Introducing elevio version 4

We're super excited to announce the immediate release of version 4.

What's new

Well, the whole thing. This is a complete rebuild from the ground up, months of work has gone into this, and there's a decision behind every little thing.

But here's a few key things to note:

Elegant design overhaul

The new elevio is designed to deliver content in the most streamlined way possible, while staying out of the users' way.

It's a balance of being clean and beautiful, without stealing the show. Hundreds of revisions have got us to where we are now, along with heavy real world testing. We know your users will love it.

Deep, weighted search

In the previous version, the searching was a very simple (aka "dumb") filter. This new release features powerful, deep, weighted search, so the right content is surfaced with minimal effort.

Smart suggestions

While you've always been able to show 'related articles' to a user, with our new analytics backend we're able to present ever evolving smart suggestions to your users based on what people have been looking at in the past. Think of it like a built in concierge.

Finally... Analytics

This new release tracks what is going on within elevio, so you can make data driven decisions. Over time as we're able to analyze the data we'll be providing you suggestions on what you need to know, and what needs fixing not only in your documentation, but in your product. With the goal of removing all the hurdles to your customers' success.

And loads more...

This only scratches the surface. And now that we're rolling out this new release, we've got a solid base to build on.

Expect a lot from us.

Make the switch!

When you're ready to make the move, follow the instructions on the version switch page below, and you're good to go!

Upgrade now to version 4

Chris Duell November 2nd, 2016

New Feature: Show matching articles while you're managing page keywords

To help you with managing the keywords for any given page, now we show you which articles will appear as suggested articles to the user when they view elevio on your site.

This makes it super easy to get a preview of what the effects of your changes will have.

Here's an example:

Chris Duell October 20th, 2016

New Feature: New "Trigger" module

A new module has been added to the arsenal, the aptly named "Trigger Module".

This now module is a quick way to trigger another widget you have installed on your site to open, common uses for this are opening up a third party chat window, currently this module supports the following tasks:

Open Chatlio chat window

Open Intercom chat window

Open LiveChatInc chat window

Open Olark chat window

Open chat window

Open SnapEngage chat window

Open UserEngage chat window

Open Zopim chat window