Chris Duell September 14th, 2015

Update: Clear Last Opened Cookie

Added an expiry to the remembering of which article was open by the user, so if they return tomorrow and open the articles tab they get a fresh start.
Chris Duell August 26th, 2015

Update: Add Debug Info to Custom Forms

Added ability to add browser debug info to custom form submissions.
Chris Duell August 11th, 2015

Update: Article Notes

Added "internal notes" field to articles, to help you manage your articles better.
Chris Duell August 11th, 2015

New Feature: Attach Image to Support Tickets

Added ability to attach an image to a support ticket submitted through the support module.

Chris Duell August 6th, 2015

Bugfix: Popup location improvements

Improved popup tip location when window is resized
Chris Duell July 31st, 2015

Update: Japanese

Added support for Japanese
Chris Duell July 30th, 2015

Update: Events System

Added events system, so you can take action when elevio has completed loading.
Chris Duell July 30th, 2015

Update: changeUser() and logoutUser() methods

Added support for _elev.changeUser() and _elev.logoutUser() for single page apps
Chris Duell July 20th, 2015

Update: Reset Search Results

Clearing the article search in the tab will now reset the search results
Chris Duell July 20th, 2015

Bugfix: Auto-open Chat

Zopim and LiveChat chats will now remain open if the user navigates to a new page