Chris Duell July 24th, 2017

New Feature: Draft, publish, and auto-save

When editing your content your progress will auto-saved saved as you go, but will only be published when you give the all clear.

It's a great way to get more of the team involved, and improve control over releasing content updates.

As you're making edits, the area you've got unpublished changes will turn yellow so you can quickly run your eyes over it for a quick approval.

Or, click on the 'View published' button to toggle back and forth between what's published, and your current draft.

Don't like your updates? Just hit 'Discard Draft' and you'll undo all your changes and roll back to the last time you published the article.

Draft, publish, and auto-save is available now on all accounts.

New Features

  • Create new content without publishing

  • Update content as a new draft, before publishing


  • Content list speed improvements

Chris Duell July 18th, 2017

New Feature: Send custom form data to a webhook

When you add a custom form to your setup, you can now choose to have the results forwarded to a webhook.

This means you can now pass the information to any third party you like via something like Zapier or, or build something completely custom to handle your custom form.

See the docs for more information

New Features

  • Custom form webhooks

Chris Duell July 7th, 2017

Update: Added Polish and Arabic support

We've added support for delivering content to your users in Polish and Arabic, as well as allowed for searching Japanese, Chinese and Ukranian content.

New Features

  • Polish support

  • Arabic support


  • Japanese content now searchable

  • Chinese content now searchable

  • Ukrainian content now searchable

Chris Duell July 4th, 2017

Update: Article Summaries & Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Suggestions

To help with article discovery, we've made two updates to the content editor.

As you're crafting your content, we'll provide you with keyword suggestions for you to add to this article to improve it's chance of surfacing when someone does a search, or for showing the article as a suggestion on pages that relate this content.

To use the keyword suggestions, just click on the keyword to add it to your article. It couldn't be easier.

Article Summaries

While not in use yet, we've added a new field to create a summary of your article.

To help get you started, we analyse the content and auto-summarise it for you, but you of course have full power to overwrite the summary as you see fit.

What are the summaries for?

In a future update, the summaries will be used to show a snippet in the search results so your users get a small preview of what's to come, to make the decision of which article to read easier.

We'll also be using these summaries in the hosted knowledge base, as well as ticket deflection (coming shortly).

New Features

  • Article summaries

  • Keyword suggestions

Chris Duell June 14th, 2017

Update: Dashboard design update

Today we rolled out the first of a few changes that we'll be making to the dashboard design. We haven't changed any of the flows or structure in this update, it's purely cosmetic. Just a face lift.

Over the coming weeks we'll be making a few more tweaks here and there to tidy up a few loose ends and bring consistency across the board.

We think it's a bit cleaner and less noisy than the previous iteration, but we'd love to hear your feedback.

Here's a sneak peek, or you know, you could just log in to your account.